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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By ecommgeek
I want My car to send my internet connected server it's gps location every min. I can program this with a smartphone and digital plan easily but want to know if there is a way to do this with a lower bill each month. I also don't want to put up infrastructure myself as it needs national coverage. Another option is a service that already has I infrastructure I'm interested in building of the collected data. The collection of data for this use case is very basic. Any suggestions on a technology or service provider?
By ecommgeek
Thanks, indeed there are many results. Before I start contacting them, does anyone have recommendations on a particular device or service? The ones that come up all seem to have a service attached such as "shows you location on Google Maps". I like the idea of a device with service attached, I just need one that can provide an API integration.
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By Ross Robotics
API for logging the data from a device? Why do you think you need API software? Your device gets the lat and long., just use plan text to log it on your server..
By ecommgeek
I really don't care how it gets to my server, I just don't have any experience in this to know the standard process. If I can find a vendor that can get data to my server I can take it from there. Most that I've found advertise integration with Google Maps or some similar application, I just want the device ID, date/time stamp, and Log/Lat.
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By Ross Robotics
Oops, didn't see that you replied, ecom.. If you still have questions, please post..
By jman8
I don't mean to hi-jack the thread but the title fits my problem as well...

I am trying to find a micro gps transmitter that will wirelessly transmit location data to me at a distance of possibly up to a mile. I don't need updates every half a second or 6" of accuracy. An update every minute or two will be fine and 30 feet or so of accuracy is acceptable. My big issue is size. it needs to be small enough to fit in a 7mm diameter opening, length is not likely to be an issue. I have been googleing my fingers off but the problem I have is I don't know anything about gps or location transmitters so I'm not really sure what to google to get results that are helpful. I have come across an article on here that mentioned the LYCOSYS S4-0606 and based on what I have read it fits the size parameters but I don't know if it requires any additional equipment to work? Can I just throw the S4-0606 chip in my project and it will start transmitting data back to a receiver? how does it work?
By jremington
You seem to be describing a a self contained module that will transmit its location to a receiver up to a mile away.

For that you need a GPS receiver chip and antenna to determine the location, a microprocessor chip to read it and to control a radio transmitter of some sort, plus a battery. The GPS receiver will need a clear view of the sky.

One mile range, even in an open, direct line of sight situation, is difficult to achieve and requires a decent antenna for the module transmitter. If you have an amateur radio operator license, many frequency bands are open to you; very few if not.

Cell phones have all that built in.
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