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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Jakdelery
Hi everyone,

I have a Copernicus DIP II ( with the SMA antenna ( Using the following setup:

Vcc --> 3.3V
GND --> 0V
XSTBY --> Vcc

Im powering up the GPS using an external power supply.

I am able to communicate the GPS, and I have already set it up to receive and return messages in TAIP protocol. Also, I'm able to get the time but I cannot get a fix. I have been testing the GPS using Trimble GPS Studio.

Command: >QTM;*67<
Return Message: >RTM0329448390211201416900100000;*64<

This command return the time, which is correct (when I sent the command). But the last 9 states that is without a fix.

The real problem is when I try to get coordinates:
Command: >QCP;*6D<
Return Message: >RCP00000+000000+000000091;*66<

This command is all wrong. It returns all 0, without a fix.

I was wondering if someone encounter this problem before? How to fix this?