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I just received my logomatic and it's having problems with my SD cards.
Most of the time, I plug the card in, apply power (5v to the white power connector), and the lights just do the slow blink. Nothing gets put on the card. One time, I hit reset and it created the file. I was even able to edit it to set my baud rate, but the next time I put in the card, it created a new LOGCON.txt file. When I put the card back in my PC, there were now 2 of the same file, and both were corrupted. All it does now is create corrupt LOGCON.txt files (sometimes several of them). I've tried this with several Sandisk SD cards (64MB, 256MB, 1GB). I've reformatted the cards too. I know these cards should work, because I've used them with my own experiments with an LPC2000 part accessing SD cards. I've even ported the same FATLIB code and had it working fine with these cards. Any help??

By the way, when I did my port of the fatlib code, I found a bug. I had to change Line 631 of fatlib.c from:

if(i == 16) // 16 = directory entries per sector (fixed number)


if((i == 16) && !targetFound) // 16 = directory entries per sector (fixed number)

This fixes a problem where it won't find a file if it is the 16th directory entry in a sector.


By ClausT
Has this been fixed in the later production runs of the logomatic?

I currently have one working perfectly, and one with this exact problem, and am about to purchase a few more.