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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By lewisdw
I have a GS407 with the separate breakout board. I need to connect the output of the GS407 directly to a 9pin D shell rs232 plug (for connecting to a PC). I am using an Arduino Uno board only for the 3.3v. So I have 3.3v and GND on the GS407 connected to 3.3V and GND on the Arduino. GND from the GS407 is also connected to the shield GND and Pin 5 on the 9pin RS232. Pin 2 on RS232 is connected to to TX on the GS407, Pin 3 of RS232 is connected to RCV on GS407.

When I connect the rs232 to my PC and open a terminal program, I don't see any data. What am I doing wrong?
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By TS-John

Strange that you are not getting this GPS device to work for you. I would recommend sending a picture of your set up and a description to

We can try and help you figure out what the deal is from there.