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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By apalus
i have tried to read data from two (2) different GPS modules with no success. All I get at any baud rate is gibberish. I have GPS-11571 and GPS-00465. I have 5 V connected to the Vcc pin. I have a ground connected to the ground pin and the Tx line from the device connected to to the Rx pin (pin 2 of a 9 pin RS232 connector) of a Targus RS232to-USB converter. I am using Tera Term as my logging/communicating program on my PC. I get a periodic output (about once a second) to Tera Term but it is gibberish





It seems to be the same gibberish every time. Any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks

A Palus
By Dave Mueller
What are the rest of the communication parameters set to in Tera Term? Parity, stop bits etc.

Put a jumper from pin 2 to pin 3 of the RS232 connector, and make sure you get an echo in Tera Term when you type on the keyboard.
By apalus
Tera Term set for 8 bit 1 stop bit parity none

I have jumpered as you suggested and yes I see the echo. Also, I have used the Targus RS232-to-USB for other serial communications. I know it is working.
By gm
The GPS modules are TTL serial, not RS232. You need a converter such as the BOB-00718 to go between Tera Term and your modules.