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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By ease
Hello all,

I was changing some settings on the Venus GPS breakout board (11058) and wanted them to be permanent so saved them to SRAM + FLASH; of course, I changed the wrong setting (changed the datum rather than issuing a reset with different start latitude/longitude values).

Now I can't send any commands to the device either queries or settings as it just sends a "Timeout: GPS Device no response" every time I try.

I have tried changing the solder jumper on the bts pads from flash to rom, firing it up again (at which point it comes up with the defaults) but changing it back to flash doesn't erase my previous settings.

Do I need to leave it for a while with the rom setting connected? How long?

Thanks in advance,

By teekay_tk
you need to put it into rom mode then upload the flash firmware using the skytraq gps software. this will erase the flash and clean it up. then put it back into flash mode and it should work