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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By redneckmedic
I am needing some advice and I figure this would be the best place to get it. My cousin and I are needing to put together a GPS tracking unit with these specifications:

Needs to be user programmable with specific parameters:
Needs to be able to operate off of AC voltage as well as off of a backup battery that will generate power immediately for the GPS if the AC voltage signal is lost.
Needs to be able to be programmed to ping a location satellite every 15 seconds with its location.
This "ping" data (location data) needs to be readily accessible from pretty much any laptop or smartphone (perhaps using a current GPS mapping app that is already on the phone? If this is possible?)
The GPS needs to be programmable to send a "distress" signal every 15 seconds with its current location if specific parameters are met....and if at all possible needs to be able to be assigned a specific name or "ID".

I know this all sounds crazy, but we are planning on trying an experiment and this is what we will need to do it. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!! I know we will likely have to combine multiple items to create what we want, so any suggestions? You guys are the we are at your mercy.