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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By ease
Hi there, I've been using the Venus GPS successfully for ages but seem to be having some trouble connecting earlier versions of the breakout board to the GPS Viewer software using FTDI. I have some newer versions of this BOB (11058 from memory) and have no trouble changing the settings on the chip. With the previous version of the chip, I am able to read the data stream ok but not configure the chip (keep getting a timeout).

I know that the pins changed on the breakout board between these two versions and have made up my own fly leads with four pin connectors to take this in to account; I have FTDI TX and RX going to the Venus RX and TX (in that order).

Is there something I'm missing? As mentioned, the 11058 works fine with this configuration.

ADDED: No takers? I'm still trying but am unable to send binary commands with this setup. Does anyone know what the solder jumpers should be set to for this to work? The board I have has two: 1024 and BSEL - with the board oriented so you can read the text, the one marked 1024 has the solder to the left and the one marked BSEL has the solder to the right...


Ian from Oz