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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By blen
I recently read about vehicle to vehicle (V2V) GPS in popular mechanics. Is there any such device(s) * available* as far as smaller GPS units that talk to each other, like between 3 devices to triangulate positions, etc? I am clueless and at your mercy, thanks. :think:
By SFE-Toni
I'm not aware of any GPS units by themselves that communicate back and forth, but you could hook up a few gps units to an Xbee network and transmit data back and forth that way.
By blen
Thanks guys. The units need to be able to communicate w/each other. One is a home base stationary unit if you will, the other two are mobile. All 3 need to be able to communicate w/each other in real time and I am looking for devices that are accurate from 1 ft-40 ft if something like this exists....
By jremington
That article is five years old! High-accuracy (better than 1 m resolution) commercial GPS units that use a nearby base station are readily available. Expect to pay >$1000 for such a unit. But why would you want the units to talk to each other?
By nickersonm
That article doesn't involve exchange of GPS information, but rather the systems with the GPS units sending data to a central source that guess traffic, etc. from the various speeds and positions.