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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By TheRobberDotCom
Hi guys,

(I thought my question might be noticed here more quickly than at the bottom of the comments on this product.)

Common sense, and the photo on the BOB-10141 product, would suggest that the module is used with the chip antenna facing upwards. However, on page 18 of this datasheet and page 2 of this datasheet, it seems to suggest that in all of the orientations the module is used with the antenna on its side.

Can anyone who has more information or who has used this module confirm either way for me?

By MichaelN
According to your own link, the module can be used n any orientation, although “M2 and M6 mounting mode [ie, antenna facing downwards] are not recommended because GPS signal may be interfered by human body”.

Those antennas have the best gain with the antenna facing upwards, but it sounds like this module has acceptable performance when mounted on its side.