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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By dongustavo

Has anyone tested the 20Hz GPS venus?
The last time I used one of 10 Hz, the measured speed was 1 Hz.
I know there's a new firmware, but my experience with SkyTraq was terrible.
I bought 500 ROM version and all speed measured at 1Hz.
My application is in race cars, so the speed measurement must be real.

By bullethole
Gustavo.. I'm using a 10hz Venus on my Race Data Acquisition system, and i have gotten it to give me 10hz data (1/10th of a second granularity). You have to actually program the module to run at anything other than 1hz (the default). PM me your email and I'll give you access to my code on bitbucket. I can also give you more details about my project (i've been stalled for about a year because of lack of time). I have the GPS working, SD logging, Accelerometer all working, driving a separate arduino based display unit over serial (i'm using rj45 for the connection between the Mega (used because I want the 4 hardware serial ports) and the display controller which is a custom board that I had a friend help me lay out. Right now the mega portion just has a proto board as a "shield" , I'm hoping to get some work done on this over the holiday. Adding a beacon based Start/finish indicator for lap times. Of course I've done nothing with the actual non arduino analysis sw portion.
By dongustavo
Hello Bullethole,

yes, the GPS was @ 10Hz, but speed (@10Hz output), was around 1Hz. Called skytraq, they said that I have ROM version, so there is no solution for that problem (500 pieces problem). I know they have upgraded the firmware, but before buying a venus gps again I want to be sure.

Venus @10Hz (ROM version, bad speed measurement) was tested with a MOTEC ADL2, TC2000, Argentina.

I manufacture GPS data adquisition...