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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
I bought the GPS Copernicus Module a few weeks. I want show the 1 pps signal ,but I don't how could I to do.
someone can help me,please? thanks all~~ :shock:

P.S: I try connect the pps pin to the Oscilloscope, but it don't show any pulse
By ezflyr

It's not totally clear from your description which 'Copernicus' GPS module you are using, so I took a look at the datasheets for a number of these modules sold by SparkFun. The 'PPS' output signal on all the Copernicus GPS modules is very short at about 5uS (microseconds). It only repeated once per second, so I'd say that it's probably there, and you're just missing it!

What kind of scope are you using? Is it a 'traditional' oscilloscope, or one the 'Nano' pocket-size units?