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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By tld
I'm not an authority on anything here, as I'm starting out myself, but since you haven't gotten an answer yet...

Don't look at it as "interfacing with a gps module", but rather "getting a serial interface up". ;)

The gp 2106 needs 1.8V for power, and has 3.3V tolerant RX, so you could probably make things easier by powering your arduino at 3.3V, unless that conflicts with anything. I know the atmel chip can, and I don't see anything stopping it (unless you're powering from USB, and don't want to solder).

You could do something like:

Use a 3.3V regulator connected to the 5V pin of your Arduino.
Use a 1.8V regulator connected to Vin on the GPS.
Hook up serial lines directly between the GPS and Arduino.
Hook up a GPIO-pin to the on/off pin of the GPS, to start, shutdown or hibernate it (at least start).

NOTE: You want to check both the GPS and Voltage regulators for their capacitor needs. For voltage-regulators, bad things can happen if you skip them.

There are lots of serial tutorials for the Arduino, and lots of GPS-tutorials for dealing with the NMEA-sentances.


A bit simplified perhaps, but should give a starting point. Probably best to read the full datasheet, and ask if you have any questions.