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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By anon
I'm looking for a SIRFStar IV module that doesn't come with an antenna attached. Where can I get a high performance one with 66+ channels etc. ?
By mbavaro77

All CSR GSD4e (SiRFStar 4) are marked as 48 channels:
And nobody would ever need more than that as GPS has only 37 allocated PRN IDs :)

You may look here: ... rrier.html
for a non-exhaustive list of antenna-less modules; depending where you live, some may be easier to buy than others.

By anon
Thanks, Michele.

Do you know if breakout boards are available for any of those modules? I wasn't able to find any.
By mbavaro77
Hi Anon,

The main issues when evaluating GSD4e-based modules are:
- I/Os are usually CMOS 1.8V
- you need to generate a 100ms pulse to turn them on/off
But still, there a few eval kits out there:
1) ... m/0537717/

2) ... zslb7Bo%3d

3) ... mcKtvyY%3d


Is that what you were looking for? A simple breakout would have little value as these modules are fairly easy to solder to your PCB using slightly extended copper pads.

Best regards,