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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By marx83
Hello :D ,

We have been experiencing a probable malfunctioning of the SiGe GN3S Sampler v2: data seem properly acquired (no SW errors), but no satellite acquisition has been ever performed by using our SiGe Sampler :( .

Last month (sep 11) we have purchased a SiGe GN3S Sampler v2 from Sparkfun together with the antenna advertised on the same page.

We have been using the matlab code from "A software-defined GPS and Galileo Receiver- A single frequency approach" (Kai Borre) both on a Windows 7 and Windows XP machine

For SiGe version 2 we replaced the .m files contained in the SDR with the updated ones downloaded by the GNSS web site of Colorado University for the processing of the I/Q data and we used the parameters indicated on the same web site : (in order to validate this SW, we have also generated a proper sample IQ file and the SDR properly acquired the GPS satellites we had coded into the IQ file).

Sampling frequency : 8.1838 MHz
Intermediate frequency : 38.400 KHz

Again, all the software runs smooth but no satellites have ever been acquired in a clear sky view (i.e. no trees, no buildings, at Rome-Italy latitude) and the University of Colorado still did not provide any hint to solve the problem.

Could you provide any troubleshooting support?