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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By pfield25
Hello -

I am trying to use the GPS-00465 for a project involving a moving automobile. We have gotten the GPS to work outside in a clear sky, but the tempered glass of a car blocks the signal.

Does anyone know of an antenna modification or any other method of improving signal?

By TomasReabe
pfield25 wrote:Hello -

I'm trying to use a GPS-00465 in a project involving an automobile. I've gotten the gps to work outside in clear weather, but the auto glass blocks a signal in a car.

Does anyone know of any mods (antenna maybe?) that can increase the signal strength?

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By fll-freak
Years ago a company sold a GPS rebroadcaster. You put an antenna outside the car and an emitter inside. That way you could get full coverage inside the car. But here in the USA, such a system is very illegal. The FCC and FAA took the company to court and forced them to buy back and chase down every system they sold. The company went bankrupt and was a lesson for other companies thinking about the same thing. I have a rebroadcaster in a work lab and it took us 6 months to get it approved even with the power so low it only radiates out 10 feet. FAA and FCC and rightly paranoid that some idiot will rebroadcast a strong signal and every airplane in 10 miles will now think it is in the wrong place.

So I would suggest you do not go down that avenue. I would look for an external antenna that you can bring into the car and connect direct to the GPS.