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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By bootstrap

I purchased a couple of sanjose 32 channel GPS receivers, but I can get any NMEA output from it. I tried with MiniGps, GPS locator and the hyperterminal at the default baud of 38400. Also once when I connected the GPS in the open the mouse pointer seemed get randomly positioned (I am guessed that is some sort of an NMEA input through the serial port). I am using the GPS eval board (older red colored one).

Please let me know.
By bootstrap
Also the status LED green blinks after some time when outside (open to the sky). I think the documentation in the eval board page should indicate the states of the status LED as to what means what...

Also the RX pin on the GPS eval board (Red color) is connected to the TxD pin 1 of FT232R where as in the FT232R breakout board the Rx pin is connected to RxD and Tx to TxD of the FTDI chip. So is there a circuit problem with the older eval board and the newer one (green colored)?
By bootstrap
By the way it is running at the default bit rate of 4800 and the minigps software provided in the link here:
does not have an option to write into the GPS' flash to change the baud rate. Is there another version of the MiniGps software which allows one to do that? Also when I read the manual of the FM-V8 sanjose gps receiver it says one can change the baud rate only 7 times which is limited by the number of times a user is allowed to write into the flash of the Gps module. Wonder why such a limitation!!
By bootstrap
Initially the problem was getting it to work.Saw that it was a problem with baud rate settings. But now I want to set the module to 38400 bps but there seems to be no such option in the minigps software but FM-V8 manual says one can change the baud.
By targetvignesh
hey am new to this forum ... i want to buy a gps module with high accuracy (something around 2 to 3 meters) .. is san jose a good candidate coz the website says its got an accuracy around 2 meters ... or should i go for the all time em406 module .. i want to navigate my robot using gps ... pls help