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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By patrick.jt.newton
Hi all,

I would like to purchase the UberTracker GPS Tracker, however it only works with AT&T. Does any one know how to make it work with any other providers?

By migu
yes, i live in Portugal and last year i changed the code so it can match my cell company and it is working fine.

I changed the main.c file in the firmware zip file “”, opened the project with CrossStudio 2.0 and compiled and generated the .hex file.
Then, I used this file to put in the uP with the flash utility described in UberTracker's manual .

Now I’m trying to do it again because I changed the main.c, again, and I need a new .hex file to upload to the uProcessor.

Can someone help me to configure CroossStudio so I can generate a new .hex file????

When I try to compile I have the following warnings:

- implicit declaration of function ‘printf’

- implicit declaration of function ‘__ARMLIB_enableIRQ’

Can someone try to compile this for me and see if have the same errors. I didn’t had this in the past...