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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By -sam-
I am excited about my GeoChron and installing it in my car.

- GeoChron Blue
- Antenna GPS 3V Magnetic Mount SMA
- Interface Cable MMCX to SMA

Notice how close the black plastic screw column in the lower right is to the MMCX attachment? Unfortunately it is too close. The column will have to be shaved a bit to fit the MMCX external antenna. I'd prefer to do the shaving without the board in place.

It looks as though four silver screws hold the green board to the black case. One silver screw is obfuscated by the MMCX attachment (aka external antenna connector).

How do I remove the GPS unit to access the silver screw?

The GPS is attached with double sided tape. Just carefully pull the GPS off.