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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By relliot
I'm trying to connect the TX out from the GPS MiniMod (MN 5010HS) to the RX_AUX of the GE865 EVK. I know there is voltage difference (MiniMod 1.8v CMOS GE865 2.8v CMOS). I'm looking for some guidance on how to accomplish this. BTW, If I connect them directly I get successful data transfer about 10% of the time.

By fred4
I know its a really old post but I figure my answer might help someone. The GE865 will recognize the 5010HS TX. Not sure why you only get success 10% of the time but I am sure it is a script error. I am using the same setup and I don't have any issues getting the NMEA data. Going the other way you need a voltage divider to convert the 2.8V to 1.8 levels.