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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By dellarb
Hi all

I'm looking at a GPS for use in a (fairly low speed) rc aircraft. The LS20031 appeals to me as a good combination of features and capability.

I want to interface it with a Basic Stamp 2e (which is 5V) so is it as simple as connecting a BOB-08745 logic level converter in between the RX and TX pins of the GPS and 2 pins on the stamp (and also a 3.3V regulator for power to gps obviously)

Can i send the commands listed at ... s-gps-with to configure the GPS from the stamp itself (are they just ttl serial strings?)

Thanks heaps in advance I'm fairly new to this.
By gussy
It's a good choice, and yes that DIYDrones info does apply to it.

Hope that answers your questions.