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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By bmartinek
I will preface this with the fact i did a search. :-)

So after much coaxing I did finally get my LS20031 GPS module t write usable information.

The problem is that it seems that the clock is about 4 hour off and the position is quite off as well.

I am powering the LS20031 with the 3.3V lead off the Logomatic v2 and the results are very consistent (they are all in the same region of being off) which is correct.
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Using the GPGGA listing that says:

UMT: 02:48:05.885 Which when converted to my time is: 18:48:05 and it was 22:48

The position it consistently gets is: 37.463864N, 122.256238W whereas I was closer to: 37.462580N, 122.253900W, at the time of that measurement I had a lock on 4 satellites an HDOP of 2.03 (reasonable)

Any thoughts?