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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By hoznin2

I have a serious problem with the LS20031 GPS receiver. I have just bought it and tried to run it. But I cannot get any relevant information from it :cry: . I receive messages from and can communicate with it but it claims that it can find no satellites and so I cannot get position data etc. I tried it indoors and outdoors too (I pushed it out of the window :) ), I tried hot and cold restart but without any success.
Is there something to set before first start or something like antenna connection is broken?

Second question is related to velocity information. I have completed my IMU6DoF and I am planning to create complete INS (both loosely and tightly coupled). The LS20031 GPS does not seem to provide velocity information in all three axis and I have also no idea if it differentiates position or uses Doppler??? effect to measure velocity. So is there any GPS receiver (uBlox 5???) to provide this measurement? I am asking because any additional measurement variable is welcomed.
And if there is some, do You know a shop in Europe (or USA in worse case) to sell it?

thanks for any solution or advice
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By leon_heller
u-blox modules are available direct from u-blox.

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By FartingMonkey92
Well a "hot start" wouldn't help anyway, since it never had a fix...
Just thought i'd add that.