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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By senasnamas
Hello guys! I'm newbie here so please don't shoot at me. One month ago I bought GPS Evaluation Board - ET312 but I couldn't make it working with PC via USB cable. Sure that power switch is ON and port switch is on USB. As a software I'm using Mini GPS and GPSTrace under Windows XP. Maybe I need some drivers or special port configuration?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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By FartingMonkey92
Have you grabbed and installed the latest (2.04.14) Virtual COM Port Driver from FTDI?
Relevent link - FTDI Virtual COM Port Drivers
By senasnamas
Thank you FartingMonkey92! Now with installed FTDI's driver I could see some data on terminal view of GPS Locator Utilities but fix is not available. Maybe it works only with external antenna? And what does mean switch "int/ext"?
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By FartingMonkey92
The "int/ext" switch is for , i believe, switching the data lines between the two serial ports or
between the internal of external GPS modules... Not too sure! :lol:

If you are having problems getting a fix, it's probably to do with the building you're in...
Many buildings shield GPS signals quite well, so all i can suggest is take it outside and try again...
Oh and yes, you need an external antenna... :wink: