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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By octane-link
Quick question on this, does the battery backup also save configuration information?

I have a PIC18F452 that I want to use for interfacing, but it needs to spit out data on the serial line too. If I only have to configure the GPS module once, I can use the single UART for both things (GPS only sends data, chip only sends data).

Thanks for answering my question!
By joep
The GPS-08266, which is a Sanav FV-M8, can be flashed 7 or 8 times to remember its settings for such things as baud rate, nema sentences, WAAS enable, etc. This is real nice because it doesn't have to default back to the factory settings of 9600 on boot. It will also retain its settings if you keep one of the pins at a couple of volts, but that is more of a pain.

Does anyone know of other GPS modules where the settings can be flashed? For my purposes, I don't need something as fast or accurate as the FV-M8.[/quote]