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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By Mustang29
I want to change the baudrate of my GPS-module EM-406A.

Can anyone say to me how I can do this.
I can't send anything to the GPS-module. I only receive the GPS coordinates.

By olivier_p
It should work as specified on page 10 of the datasheet

By Mustang29
I have tryed this, but nothing changed :?

I tryed with SIRFDemo. action ->transmit serial message and sent it. But I only accept data from the gps at baudrate 4800 and not on 9600.
I want the baudrate 9600.
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By leon_heller
Does it respond to any other commands? You might have a poor connection somewhere.

By Mustang29
no nothing.
Mayby I set something wrong.
I have also the evaluation kit.
I connect my usb to my computer and the evaluatuon kit.
When I make an connection in SIRFDemo, I only receive the coordinates.

But when I want to send something, nothing changes.
Have I set the evaluation kit in a specific positiong? Or something else?