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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By dakota
I am using a telit ge863-gps to relay gps co-ordinates through to a web server via GPRS.

I know that there are quite a few people on this forum who are doing similar projects, I'd just like to find out how do you go about checking if there is GPRS available?

Sometimes the GPRS link goes down (for whatever reason) and I'd like to my project to not attempt a connection if there is no GPRS, otherwise it just sits at the GPRS activation command until it times out (150s is a long time to wait, and a long time in which the project can't do any major tasks involving the Telit)
By asmithmd1
I first check signal strength with:
If strength comes back less than 6 or 99 (no signal) I don't attempt to connect.

What command are you using to connect? I was using AT#GPRS=1 but have had better reliability since I switched to AT#SGACT=1,1
By dakota
I'm using AT#SGACT=1,1. I was was using AT#GPRS=1 and I agree that using SGACT gives much better reliability.

I've found the AT#SERVINFO command which tells you the exact signal strength and the GPRS status of the current serving cell.

I recall reading somewhere in one of the thousands of pages of information from Telit that using the AT#SERVINFO and AT#MONI commands are preferable to using the AT+CSQ command (Due to the +CSQ command doing a network poll whilst the #SERVINFO and #MONI commands perform the poll as a background task every 3 seconds and so they don't block your application)...of course this is from memory and might very well be wrong.
I make a project called OBU, and I use the GM863-GPS platform.
I have connect my PC with the DSUB of the S3-Board. Now, I have a problem with the terminal program. I receive something in binary that I don't know what that means. If somebody can help me to decode the code, I apreciate.
I just want the velocity and geographical coordinates.
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By leon_heller
Duplicate post!
By dakota
OBU, you have to give us a little bit more detail then that.

What serial port are you connecting too? And how are you trying to get the coordinates?