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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By fireball003
I am newbie in python programming. I want to send command to my GM-862 device from Terminal and it should work accordingly.

Now, I didn't get any answer to my following queries-

1. I can send ser.receive(20); for receiving command from terminal. But how will I wait for serial port command forever?

2. How can I check each character while receiving command?

3. I want to send command either by sms or via serial port. How can I check for serial port command and/or sms simultaneously? Is there something like multithreading in java?

4. Which part of the python language is supported by GM862-GPS? Does it support all basic functions of Python? Or, only the libraries included in it?

Please help me.
Also please advise me some books or sites which can be helpful to learn python in GM862.

Thanks in advance.