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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By trenade
Hi, to save time, I require the PCB for my GM862 GPS, just to expand the pinouts to a 50 pin header. Ive tried to do this using Electronic Work Bench however this requires customising the Molex female connector which proved a problem for me as the connector is very tiny. If I purchase the PCB design just for the pinouts, this will make my design on veraboard easier to implement. I am prepared to pay for the PCB design...if anybody can help me obtain it. Thanks.
By gm
Are you talking about something like this?

By nanogear

I have two designs; One is the complementation of the sparkfun basic 50-pin board. And the other is a all-in-one pcb design for the GM862-GPS.

Here the pictures;

For the complementation design:



And for the all-in-one pcb design(Bad photo);

By gussy
Did you make many of those boards or where they one off?

If you have lots would you be interested in selling some, or if it was a one off would you consider sharing the files?

By trenade
gm wrote:Are you talking about something like this?

Yes, this is exactly what Im talking about:-) Thanks for your help, I will place an order. Hopefully it gets here on time.
Thanks again.