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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By DannyDJ
Hello! We would like to develop interface beetween GM862-GPS and E700 so we made our own camera module with E700 Camera and ATMEGA644 .
ATMEGA644 is used to capture image from E700 Camera and then image is sent by RS232 to GM862.
We ordered SMD Connector for E700 Camera on this link: ... cts_id=638
but you can't plug the camera in this connector!
How can you sell wrong connectors for E700 Camera? Either you even don't know that this connector doesn't fit to E700 Camera or you're .... no comment!!!!!

Some kind of explanation would be wonderful!Cause this is quite a setback for us.
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By leon_heller
Perhaps the camera sold by SFE has a different connector from the one in the phone. The cameras don't look identical to me.