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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By jpopadic
Hi All,

Anyone had practical experience feeding the GS405 on voltages outside it's (rather narrow) stated tolerance of 3.0v +- 5%? I am trying to finish up a project powering this guy from a lithium cell and am concerned about getting it appropriate power.

Given the lipoly voltage range (4.2v down to around 2.7v, I think) and the minimum regulator dropout I can find (around 0.6v), I won't be able to provide 3v with anything less than 3.6v coming from the cell. The only option I can think of is to bump the battery voltage up then regulate back down to my 3v, which seems awfully complex and wasteful.

Anyone tried feeding one of these directly off lipoly voltages? The rest of my components are perfectly happy to do this.
By CommanderBob
I had the exact same problem. I went with this regulator. It will take voltage from 4.2V-2.7V and make it 3.3V.

By bretth
I've also had good luck with the LTC3440 -- see this post for my schematic.

Good luck!
By jpopadic
Thanks guys. Will give those two parts a go, though the package the LM3668 comes in is pretty frickin' small.