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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By mick

I recently purchased a GeoChron GPS recorder. I've used it to record a number of walks (in preparation for a much longer hike).

During last evening's walk the GeoChron stopped logging about half way into the walk.

Now it appears to be dead - I can't get the RGB led to flash ever.

I've tried to charge the unit overnight, but this has had no discernible effect, beyond lighting up the red charging LED. (This LED never goes out.)

Any idea's / feedback?


By mick
Looks like I'm going again, which is good.

Turns out that the battery was not charging. Also, the unit would not run from external power.

An examination of the PCB revealed that the outer leg of the 470uF capacitor in the SMPS was not soldered to the board. I suspect that the board was layout for a slightly different capacitor footprint as the one installed is not a good fit to the pads on the PCB.

Anyway, the GeoChron is now working again and I can log my up coming hike.