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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By hdeweyh
I am having trouble getting the AT commands to connect the GM862 module (in sparkfun dev board) via GPRS. I would like to use data services, email, HTTP, FTP, etc.
I have GPS and SMS working already but GPRS contexts seem to be an issue.
I am wondering if the problem is my SIM card? It is one from an AT&T iphone.
The at setting I am using is:


and at#SGACT=1,1

Any ideas?

ALSO I purchased an uber tracker as well and tried the sim card in it and it doesn't work either. I can configure it just fine, but when I turn it on and it should send me emails it doesn't do anything. The red LED turns on solid and doesn't go back off. The email frequency is set to every 2 minutes.

Thank you,