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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By cvanstone
Hi All,

I have just bought an EM-406A GPS Module and a USB evaluation board. Got it all to work fine, and was writing some interfacing software which all appeared to work until I started to modify the comms settings in the module. It started behaving a little odd, so I thought I would reboot it, by pulling out the USB cable. WHen I plugged it back in again, it installed itself as a mouse and now moves my pointer all over the place clicking at random until I disconnect it again!?!

Also the LED on the GPS module no longer illuminates.

If I look at Device manager it still pops up as a Serial Port so something odd is going on....

Any ideas?
By cvanstone
Also just tried it without the GPS module attached and the mouse behaves sensibly? Can the GPS module control what the evaluation board installs itself as?
By pelesl
I have had this problem with other USB devices. If the USB device is on, and spitting out data on the port, and you plug it in to the [windows] computer, the data coming out of the port interferes with the Q&A process the OS uses to find out what driver to load for the device. Curiously, my case, which is completely different, also resulted in "mouse kidnapping".
By NleahciM
I too have had the same problem. I can temporarily solve it by going into the device manager, going to the mouse section, and disabling the one causing the new one that has appeared. But after a couple reboots/unplugs I normally have to do this again. Very annoying.
By cvanstone
Cheers guys, All I needed to do was disconnect the EM-406A while I connected the eval board to the PC.... Simple when you know how!
By pelesl
I have been able to work around stupid USB caching, mouse take-over, and devices not detected issues with this software:

The guy's got a lot of other nice tools; browse around. With the one I linked above, you can quickly cleanup old drivers, uninstall drivers, and verify whether or not a device was detected by Windows and the driver was loaded. In my mouse take-over issue, Windows would subsequently "remember" the device as a mouse so it would always take over my cursor after the first time. I deleted its "driver" with this program and the next time I plugged it in re-installed the proper ones.