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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By chrisnos
Hi there,

I've got what appears to be dead EM406 GPS module in my GPS Logger v2.4

The GPS module has worked successfully (i.e. Powered up, GPS LED flashing to indicate a fix, and data successfully logged to the SD card) a handful of times but now appears to be permanently asleep :-)

The Main Logger PCB still flashes it's LEDs when powered up, but then they stay off and there's no red LED on the EM406 GPS module.

There's definitely 5.2V going into the GPS (or at least coming out of the connector at the EM406 end).

Any ideas? - or is it a straight RMA...? The RF cans that enclose the GPS unit mean that I can't probe anymore to check for any voltages anywhere insde...

(Even though I'm based in the UK I'll be in Boulder (well, Broomfield) next week, so I could conceivably return the unit directly to SFE if that's necessary...)


By jandirks
Many strange things happen with our GPS modules at the moment (they are not from SFE). A module (EB-85A)that I had for a while never seemed to be able to lock to a satellite. The new one I received (different model), also didn't lock to any satellites, but now suddenly the old one does lock to satellites.

I am part of a group that does a beta test for UAV's and fellow group members experience the same thing. Very strange.

So, I am not sure if this helps for your situation, but it might be nice info to have. Btw, I am in Europe too, as are the people experiencing the same problems (even one in the UK, I think).


By chrisnos
I think is a much more basic case - the GPS module appears to be dead - no data output and no LED. Just looks like a poor quality module to me :-(