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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By emblem
Hello -

I'm starting work on a new project. I need to track the relative positions of several objects moving at speeds from 0 to 15 mph. One suggestion I'm looking into is using a differential GPS mounted on each of these objects. What is the best I can hope for in terms of the accuracy and update rate from a commercially available GPS module?

Incidentally, it would make my life easier if I didn't have to mount electronics on these objects, but could track their positions remotely. Assuming that they are moving around in an area a few football fields in size, are there other remote position sensing technologies that I might consider?

Also, while this system must work outdoors, having the possibility for indoor operation would make my life much easier.

Thanks for your thoughts.
By emblem
After doing some more reading, I have some more specific questions.

- Does anyone have experience with, or models of, GPS multipath issues on large bodies of water?

- If I have several GPS units operating at the same time, is the drift/error correlated between units?