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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By jdemeyer
I am working on interfacing the Lassen iQ to an SX-48 microcontroller. While I have successfully been able to receive and log TAIP information from the Lassen iQ, I would like to understand some odd behavior I noticed.

I have my Lassen iQ (GPS) in my office and experiment with it there. I usually do not receive information from satellites inside however it does deliver information over both ports which is great for evaluation and development. After about 10 minutes, it stops delivering the TAIP information to my microcontroller. I can cycle the power and it will start again only to stop after a bit. The documentation indicates that the GPS may stop under certain conditions so I thought the direct connection from the TX line on the GPS to a microcontroller high impedance input might cause an issue.

Anyone else have an idea why it stops?


By jdemeyer

I am using a Fairchild NCNC7SZ126 buffer as an interface to the SX-48 microcontroller. The previous behavior has not occurred. I never noticed the behavior when I connected the Lassen iQ to a MAX3232 so I thought a non-level translating buffer might provide the interface it expects. So far, so good.