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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By xtopher88
I am currently using my EM-406A for an aircraft project and I have found that the GPS does not track higher speed maneuvers where I know it has a view of the sky. I am sure I am exceeding the 4G acceleration limit I have seen on most SiRF III platforms. I have data of the plane quickly landing in the grass and the GPS continuing to move and overshoot then settle to the stationary location in about 15 seconds. Is there a way to change the internal filtering options for this unit or any SiRF III GPS , it appears that the unit is disregarding the new position as noise until it has time to settle and believe it. The other option I can see is that during the flight of 5-8 G maneuvers the model the GPS engine had developed was corrupted by the movement and what I saw was the correction of this model and the path of the flight was slowly diverging from the actual path. Any suggestion of a low cost GPS that will behave well in high G platforms? Would the Lassen IQ be better?
By ckuethe
xtopher88 wrote:Would the Lassen IQ be better?
Lassen iQ and ublox Antaris both have a user-selectable dynamics mode which includes "aircraft"