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Hello, good morning!

I've recently bought an Openlog Artemis module, and I've been having a great time with it - it's a new world from the other IMUs I was using before. However, I've been stuck on a problem.

I'm using this IMU for a project with ROS, and since ROS already has the libraries for its use ready, that's what I've been using to control the IMU. It's been fine, for the most part, but I've been having a problem with the general orientation of the Artemis board. Whenever I try to move it in space, the Y-Axis ends up snapping back to its original point.

I made a video to show it, as well

I've been checking the calibration measures, because I figured this could fix the problem, but after around a day recalibrating it through the instructions I found on GitHub, I found out that not much had changed - actually, it got a bit worse after the calibration, and I can't really wrap my head on why.

I've been using the razor_imu_9dof library on ROS to get the graphs, which is not made in specific for the Openlog Artemis, however it is said that it's compatible and it has special instructions for the Artemis to make it work, so I don't think it has a problem?

I've also been measuring the RPY and the orientation in Quaternions by themselves, but they also show results that seem kind of strange, like they vary little for how much the IMU should be moving. They do vary, it's just the scale of the quaternion values that seems a little off - like they aren't changing by more than 0.2 units, when I'm used to it changing from -1 to 1 with another things on ROS.

Is there a solution, or something I've been doing wrong? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
Try running the artemis' IMU example by itself (or hook it up to a basic Arduino or similar and run the a program) - is the drift still appearing? If so, it's likely a defective board...if not, it's likely something in the software between the 9dof library, ROS, and artemis :-/
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