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Topics pertaining to the Arduino Core & software used with the Artemis module and Artemis development boards.
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Hi there,

Until now i used another ARM-M4 based board and coded that in mbed-os. I find the Artemis module really compelling because it's really low power consumption. Generally my greatest interest would be logging analog signal @1000 Hz over long time. For a beginning even a USBMSD (USB mass storage) feature would do for me.

My questions are:
1. Does the Arduino core offer USBMSD feature (i always felt like Arduino was too basic and anything else than standard C, so i did not waste any time on learning Arduino).

2. If i understand it right the native tool to program the Artemis boards is the AmbiqSuite SDK?
3. Is Artemis Arduino Core essentially a ported version of AmbiqueSuite SDK that enables us to use the commands of the SDK but in the Arduino environment?
4. What other programming options are in your plans and how is their progress?
5. I have read some months ago that you have plans with mbed-os (would be great for me as mbed-os is the only way i have experience with), however at this time of being i can not find any info about the Artemis modules on the mbed website so i think they are not mbed-ready yet?
6. While working with mbed-os i am using the mbed Studio software. I also found your github repo, which seems to be a fork of the original mbed-os, but there is no description how to actually use it. The target.json file does not contain any definitions for the Artemis boards, so i just wonder what is the proper way to begin coding Artemis boards with mbed-os right now?

Those were quite a few questions, any clarification or suggestion is highly appreciated!
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