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Topics pertaining to the Arduino Core & software used with the Artemis module and Artemis development boards.
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By Rocky_Spark
Hey guys!
I am thrilled to say that my circuit boat is coming together very well! There were a few mistakes, such as routing TX and RX oppositely the wrong way... *doh*

Everything else is looking amazing though and I am super excited!! I can't wait to show you.
There's one problem I have run into though. Blinking LED_BUILTIN (pad 12?) aka ~D13, freezes the Artemis.
The RTC can spit out the time over UART just in a loop just fine, but blinking the small LED I have seems to be freezing the uController.

Any thoughts? There's not much to the code yet, just some spattering of what it'll start to turn into
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#include <stdint.h>

//#define blinkPin 5
#define blinkPin 13
#define HVSupplyPin 29
#define ButtonPin 28
#define OEPin 5 //   !pin
int latchPin = 26;
int clockPin = 24;
int dataPin = 3;
int clearPin = 25; //   !pin

void setup()
  pinMode(blinkPin, g_AM_HAL_GPIO_OUTPUT_4);
  pinMode(HVSupplyPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ButtonPin, INPUT);
  // Shift registers
  pinMode(OEPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(latchPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(clearPin, OUTPUT);

  // clear shift registers
  digitalWrite(clearPin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(clearPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(HVSupplyPin, HIGH);
  Serial.println("Hello from Artemis!"); //RX1 & TX1 pins
  digitalWrite(HVSupplyPin, LOW);

void loop()
  //digitalWrite(blinkPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(OEPin, HIGH); // HIGH is off
  digitalWrite(OEPin, LOW);
  //digitalWrite(blinkPin, LOW);

It seems as though reducing the on-time of the blink helps.. but even 10ms ON, and 1000ms OFF still freezes after a minute. Any thoughts on the symptoms?
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By TS-Brandon
Which Artemis product are you using?
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By TS-Brandon
Did you try prototyping this with the Artemis RedBoard or other carrier boards first?
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By Rocky_Spark
Not in this case, I played around with them a little. I think the issue is coming from my 3.3v regulator, it's running sometimes between 3.4 and 3.6. I looked up the Apollo3 datasheet and it appears that I am teetering on the edge of its maximum.

Oddly enough it drops to 0.7V sometimes.

I'm not sure why yet.. :( It's probably the source of the issue though.

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