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By heretic529
I have the Artemis Redboard ATP (DEV-15442). I have not been able to get it to upload any new sketches since the other day. I was only plugged into the qwiic connector I'm needing some help.

The power light comes on when plugged into usb. it is bright.
5v and 3.3v are still able to be drawn from the pins
I'm worried that the bootloader may be jacked but I don't have enough experience with Arduino to confirm that.
This is my first Arduino board.

Any pictures you need I can provide but there isn't anything plugged into it right now so i'm afraid it might not be that helpful unless you still want them.
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By heretic529
Apologies I just realized I didn't include the error I get on upload.

Artemis SVL Bootloader
Target failed to enter bootload mode. Verify the right COM port is selected and that your board has the SVL bootloader.

com port is correct and I attempted lower baud rates. I left the programmer as default avrisp mkii
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By liquid.soulder
Hi - it may be helpful to update the bootloader on the board. Try doing so by changing the 'programmer' option to 'Ambiq Secure Bootloader' then clicking on Tools->Burn Bootloader. Then ensure you have the SVL (SparkFun Variable Loader) selected along with a mid-range baud rate and try again.
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By heretic529
I was able to get it working but i had to crank the baud rate all the way down for some reason even to get Ambiq to burn but it seems to be working ok now.
Thank you so much!! I wouldn't have attempted using ambiq otherwise.
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