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By Dr. T.

Am am planning to design an apollo3-based board for educational purposes and want to include a debug adapter on this board (students should definitely learn how to debug programs..). Integrating a Segger debugger is no option. Buying a bunch of Jlink-minis and only provide a JTAG header on the board is possible but still not preferred (many cables). I am planning a simple FT2232-based debugger with OpenOCD supprt. The problem is that OpenOCD has no target configuration file for apollo3, and the flash driver in the latest OpenOCD version seems to be outdated (only apollo/apollo2 support).
Are there any plans to support apollo3 chips in OpenOCD? Has anyone already managed to use OpenOCD with apollo3?

BR, Andreas
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By rowanham
Was this ever resolved with the OpenOCD guys? If so, is there a build number or a tag for the fix/feature?
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