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Hi all,
Im using the Redboard artemis ATP (that uses apollo3 microcontroller) in combination with an APDS9500 sensor.
The APDS is supposed to give a 30x30, 9-bit, grayscale image, with the instructions i gave to it.
I have managed to get the Apollo 3 in 3-wire slave mode (slave mode is required for the APDS9500 in 30 by 30 image mode).
I have also met the further requirements for the sensor and I can see (on my logic analyzer) that the sensor sends bursts of information over the MOSI line when i request it to do so. Maybe this is easier than I am thinking, but I am having trouble with the examples given. My question is: How can I get the data from the SPI BUS? Because I want to send it to my PC via uart for analysis. I hope one of you can help me with this.
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