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Everything with the AmbiqSuite SDK tools and software are welcome here.
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By Ahsank
I had tried sd card library from Arduino and it seems to be working fine. Actually i need to place a new binary recevied thorugh BLE to sd card and then need to copy new code through bootloader app to flash memory.
please guide.
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By TS-Chris
Unfortunately the bootloader does not support loading code from a SD card. :-(
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By aqibMalik
Its based on arduino IDE, dont we have any example inside SDK based on am_hal_mspi.c, i can see Flash and TFT display libraries based on SPI available.
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By TS-Chris
It doesn't look like we have a SD library for our fork of the Ambiq SDK, you might try checking with Ambiq directly, it's possible they have something you could use.
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By Ahsank
I have developed SD libraries using SPI interface and FAT-FS with Ambique (Artemis ATP board).
SD card interface is working properly (no issue at all).
Now when I read data from SD card and store that data in Flash memory , flash writing is working as required but after writing data to flash , SD card do not unmounted ( got stuck in the mount function ).
Now when i reset the system the SD card is unable to mount.
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By Isabellan
I am considering this platform for my next project.
Just wonder if SD card functionality is already supported or will that be in the close future?
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By Paucek
My project is currently based on the MAX32630FTHR board that also has an SD-card slot.
I am logging data at about 500Hz sampling rate that yields up to 100MB data per day.
Turns out that board has an SPI implementation that impacts the transfer rate quite much (~70 KB/sec), thus data transfer takes hours if i connect that board to my PC (USBMSD).

However if i remove the card from the board and put it directly in the pc, i can copy the same amount of data in just some seconds... This is a huge bottleneck in real IoT as we either have ease of use (card does not need to be removed from the IoT device) or great transfer speed but that needs a different HW design as the sd card needs to be removed to copy the data

So i wish you will end up with an SD (and not SPI) implementation ;-)
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