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By DavidEvans
Finally the sparkfun board edge boards arrived today ;-)

Following this well written guide : i am stuck with the following NoResponseError when trying to flash the code on the Ambiq, with the uart_wired_update.pyscript, that comes with tensorflow examples

opprud$ python3 tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/tools/make/downloads/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.0.0/tools/apollo3_scripts/ -b 115200 /dev/cu.usbserial-1430 -r 1 -f main_nonsecure_wire.bin -i 6

MOJ/Connecting with Corvette over serial port /dev/cu.usbserial-1430...

Sending Hello.

No response for command 0x00000000

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/tools/make/downloads/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.0.0/tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 336, in <module>


File "tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/tools/make/downloads/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.0.0/tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 38, in main


File "tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/tools/make/downloads/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.0.0/tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 58, in connect_device

response = send_command(hello, 88, ser)

File "tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/tools/make/downloads/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.0.0/tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 235, in send_command

raise NoResponseError

My setup:

Macbook pro, tried both old 15" & new 13"
Sparkfun serial basic breakout, USBC version (default jumped to 3v3)
FTDI 3v3 serial cable
I have tried

two different edge boards, with the correct Key14 & reset combo + misc variants and timing
legacy USB on old Macbook
new Macbook w USB C
FTDI 3v3 serial cable as alternative to sparkfun serial board
Running an alternative script in tensorflow/lite/experimental/micro/tools/make/downloads/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.0.0/tools/bootloader_scripts/, also no response
I can measure, with a scope, the handshake bytes '0x14', '0x55', '0x9d', '0xe9' '0x0', '0x0', '0x8', '0x0' being transmitted initially at 115200 on the TXO pin on the programming header - but the ambiq is not replying anything.

btw. The onboard demo is running, blue led flashing, an some "yes's" are being recognized.

Any inputs welcome.
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