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By fbtobajas
i've tried to execute the example "ble_cordio_tag" from the examples contained into AMbiqSuite-Rel2.1.0 for artemis thing plus board, but, despite the code seems to be compiled and uploaded to the board, it seems not to work, since it is supposed to appear as a BLE peripheral device, and, at least from nRFConnect, no BLE devices are found. Can anybody please help me to find what can be wrong?
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By fbtobajas
for providing additional info ... i've cloned both the AMbiqSDK and apollo3 BSPs git from sparkfun, as recommended. I am using make bootload in order to flash the code to the board, but despite no errors are reported both compiling and bootloading, it seems not to work, since no peripheral with "tag" name is found using nRFConnect on my cellphone. Any help will be appreciated .. any suggestion @liquid.soulder ?
just copied from sdk 2.2 ble_cordio_tag to my boards_sfe/edge2/examples.ble_cordio_tag, commented out two functions: button_handler (line 372)and setup_buttons (line 406) and commented out ref's to button_handler at line 91 and 226. Comiled with make bootload_asb to edge2 board. Started nRF Connect on Android pie moto6 and TAG was present with Generic Access, Generic Attribute, Link Loss, Immediate Alert, and Tx Power. does work at least for Edge2 after commenting out button functions. I can try on Nano if you want.
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By liquid.soulder
Hi - what version of the SDK are you using? The latest version removed the cordio examples in favor of FreeRTOS driven examples. I have just (lieterally just now) updated the BSPs to work with the latest release.

Have you tried using our mirror of the AmbiqSuite SDK?
You can follow the Getting Started section of the readme.

I just tested the ble_freertos_tag example on the Artemis Thing Plus and it worked out for me.

my commands:
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cd AmbiqSuiteSDK/boards_sfe/common/examples/ble_freertos_tag/gcc
make BOARD=artemis_thing_plus bootload
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By fbtobajas
i'll comment my progress:
- @liquid.soulder, i updated the SDK and I tested the ble_freertos_tag example on both the artemis thing plus and the edge2 boards, and it successfully works in both cases. I see the BLE peripheral device with Tag name using nRF Connect. It would be great if you can include in the repository some examples for a generic BLE peripheral and Central devices, with/without Freertos, as included with the SDK from Ambiq.
- @KHE, could you please send me by email the Makefile you are using for the ble_cordio_tag example from AmbiqSDK2.2.0? i tried both in the artemis thing plus and edge2 boards, trying to follow the steps you kindly gave me, but with no success. I would really appreciate it.
Tries = 0
Upload complete!

kerry@Kerry-pc MINGW64 ~/Documents/AmbiqSuite-Rel2.2.0/boards_sfe/edge2/examples/ble_cordio_tag_Wrks/gcc (master)
$ make bootload_asb

Above is the directory structure and make command I used...I'll upload Makefile as Makefile.txt shortly
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