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By ransomhall
I'll start by noting I made the assumption that the Apollo3 libraries downloaded through the board manager in the Arduino IDE work for the Redboard version. It is not listed. Only the Blackboard is. The USB port was recognized without manual driver install.

Trying to upload a simple blink sketch results in
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Artemis SVL Bootloader

	error receiving packet
{'len': 0, 'cmd': 0, 'data': 0, 'crc': 1, 'timeout': 1}
Any thoughts?

Mac Mojave 10.14.6
Arduino IDE 1.8.9
By stephenf
Try opening a serial monitor, are you getting anything? Useful reality check.

A good chance it's an out of date bootloader. To update to the one which matches your downloaded Arduino core:
1. Check your settings (under Tools menu)
Board: Sparkfun Artemis Blackboard ATP
Bootloader: Sparkfun Variable Loader, SVL Baud Rate: 921,600, (or try 115200)
Programmer: Ambiq Secure Bootloader

2. Select Tools->Burn Bootloader

Turn on verbose output and post the output if you're still having problems.
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By liquid.soulder
Hi all.

stephenf - thanks a bunch for stepping in here.

The Arduino core hasn't been updated yet to specifically list the 'Red' versions of the boards, but they are *nearly* identical and so they should work. The main difference is that the 'Red' versions are now shipped with the latest SVL loader pre-flashed.

Glad it is working. You may be able to increase the upload baud rate to something in between 115200 and 921600 if needed.