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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By tmbg
I've placed two orders so far, one of them two weeks ago, and one of them last thursday.

The first order was a set of gerbers someone else had done, that had been ordered through sparkfun before, so I knew they were good. I got a confirmation email shortly after saying they'd passed DRC and were being panelized.

The second order was a layout I did myself, and so I'm not 100% sure that it would pass DRC. Haven't heard back on this yet.

Today I get an email saying that the second order has shipped. I'm really curious to see exactly what I get in the mail :)
By tmbg
Oh neat, I just got a ship notice for the first order also.

How great would it be if they both came at the same time :D
By meander
sorry to hijack your thread, but i submitted them, but the pads were too close, so i had to fix it, but i also got an order shipped email. whats goin on?
By tmbg
Well, I got an envelope in the mail, and it contained the first order, but not the second, not that I'm surprised at all!

Board looks fantastic btw.
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By sparky
We had a glitch in the matrix and sent out a bunch of shipping confirmations for PCBs that we didn't actually have. Sorry! They orders take 10-18 days to ship.

We've got a lot of orders for the PassMe PCB. It's some Nintendo DS Mod? Not really sure. We would like to batch a bunch of them, but the layout seems to change and we'd hate to send a layout to someone that is an old version.

Let me know if the design settles down and we'll offer it on the SFE site.

By tmbg
I think I'm at 16 days on that second order, the ARP board, and still no DRC confirmation, I hope all is well.

The passme is in an interesting state right now :) It's used to allow the DS to boot and run homebrew code off the GBA slot, by using a CPLD to rewrite the header as it boots off a real cart. It's sort of an intermediate stepping stone until we get something better, so I don't know if it would be worth pouring a lot of resources into.

That said, the people that are building them and selling them have had much more demand than anticipated, so at some point I might like to talk to you guys about maybe doing a whole panel or two.

Is it possible you could check on the status of order 5164? I'd love to know if it passed DRC at least :/
By tmbg
woops! I got them in the mail today! I guess I jumped the gun a tad :D

these tiny boards are great :D About to stuff one and see if they work.

The ground planes came out a bit weird, wonder what's up with that.
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By sparky
Status update : dah, they're shipped ;)

Can you scan them or post a pic so that we can see?
By tmbg
ultiboard. I looked at the generated gerbers using gerbv, and they appear to be solid ground planes.

One thing I need to do is up my clearances on the planes!
By moorejl
tmbg wrote:

the ground plane came out as a big irregular grid, rather than a solid plane.

I'm not sure what went wrong there!
Looks like a new way to prevent reverse engineering :wink: I think I am dizzy...