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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By PJMonty

On Feb 25 I posted a message, and on Feb 26 Kroko posted one. Both are quite clearly aimed at you. All the technical messages before these have been answered, and all the ones after. Is there some reason you are choosing not reply to these two messages? In addition, I sent you a private message offering to write some custom software (for free, with source) that would help a lot of users on this forum because I thought it was a nice thing to do. You have also not replied to that message either.

I simply joined, posted one public message, made one private offer to help (for free), and basically feel that I have been blown off. Did I do something to piss you off? I thought my original question was simple and deserved an answer, and that my private offer to help was generous. After a month without a reply, I feel like some kind of jerk for even bothering to try to help.

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By sparky
Hi Peter,

Hate to tell you this, but I don't check my private forum messages. In between the email box of 200+ a day, and the 20 or so voicemails, I don't make it to the forum but every 3-4 days. The private forum box is really on the low end of the stick...

I'm going to try to go find the message you speak of...

And very few people manage to tick me off in a forum. It's just microcontrollers, right? :wink: